Discount Plan

Discount Plan - $200 / year
***Includes the following per year.

-Exam – Comprehensive (new pt) / Periodic (established pt)
-X-Rays – whatever patient is due for
-40% off ALL future services for 1 year

When new patients call in or established patients come in for treatment – they can pay the $200 and receive the discount for services and they have 1 year to use the exam/prophy/xrays/fluoride.

Discount Plan – Cash Patients – 40%
***This will be the only discount plan used/given.
(we will eventually delete all other plans)

Exploding Code = CASH
Has ALL the codes in for prophy/xrays/exams/fluoride – with $0 fee. Use these codes for the 1/yr prophy/exam/xrays/fluoride so that recalls will be updated and so that we will have the hx of when pt received their “free” items. When you select the exploding code, you will then delete the tx items not needed for that patient appt.  

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